GT-R turbos on a VQ engine

The GT-R turbos look like they were meant to be there!


For over a year, I’ve been working on making this a “bolt on” solution for the average person working on their car like me. I have researched and put many hours into adapting the GT-R turbos and manifolds to our VQ37 engine and even the VQ35 in the 350Zs. Finally, it’s proven and ready for anyone! Using this kit, one is able to bolt on the GT-R turbos w/ manifold to the VQ37 or VQ35 engine with a simple reclocking of the passenger side turbo. Inlets are easy to source and cheap. I will also be able to source both inlets and downpipes if there’s enough interest.

Group Buy

Available options in the group buy




Name Description Price
Item One Gasket 29.99
Item Two Bolts 19.99
Item Three oil lines. 29.99
Item Four coolant lines. 19.99